The house market

Pro Houseing Market

There has been alot of variation in the house market lately. Those who got the change and had the money were easily able to invest and make some more cash. The Fact is that unless there is a major recession the value of land with or without a house on it will not decrease. This is mainly due to the fact that the location will not change and neighter will the raods or access to that place. The ones there will not go away (almost never) but new ones will be buit that can only help and increase the value.

Also, the neighboor hood might change, buildings might be added but it’s rare that some will be destroyed. With certain exceptions, we usually know befre hand so we can sell in advance if tha case is. 

Con Housing Market

Now, one of the factors that can influence the price of a house to the decrease is the neighbors, since they will influence the quality of life in the neighboorhood. Let me explain. If you live in a quiet place with good neighboors and good families, the corner store never got robbed, ppl leave their bikes outside, doors unlocked, etc. 
Now you have one bad apple move in into the neighboor hood. It will usually corrupt the other onese. This mostly happens where there are owners and tenants, since the tenants often change and they come and go to the picking of the sole owner.
Now, imagine that the new come are always fighting, having late parties, drinking, loud, etc. They are also poor, multiple kinds that are badly fed, etc.
They will start to cause problems. Rob stores, steal bikes, seal from houses, etc. This might happen once and then the word gets out. And as a cancer cell, once the word is out the rest of the people around will move and the only ones that will accept to thake their place will be other hill billies such as the other onese.
In other words, bad attracts bad and good sticks with good. So when investing in the house market be sure to take into consideration not only the neighboorhood life in your area but also the surrounding areas that might overstep and influence the value of your new investment.